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Cybersecurity Support

Meridian Strategic Services, Inc. and the Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) have entered into a strategic partnership to help our clients prepare for future cybersecurity incidents and other complex hazards.


This partnership combines the expertise of Meridian’s experienced emergency management and security professionals with NUARI’s DECIDE® distributed exercise platform to provide a unique and challenging experience designed to enhance the capabilities of organizations to respond to the challenges of a future disaster. 


The DECIDE® platform enables decision makers from geographically separated organizations to participate in a virtual environment to test their plans and procedures under a wide variety of simulated conditions.

“The DECIDE® Platform is engineered to power a limitless array of live exercise-based scenarios to help decision-makers in critical infrastructure sectors and government to exercise their abilities to effectively prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.”-NUARI

Meridian and NUARI can help design realistic crisis management scenarios intended to challenge an organization’s team to work together to rapidly implement integrated solutions to complex problems.

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