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Meridian works with all levels of government, private organizations, and non-government organizations to enhance their readiness to overcome the challenges of any crisis.  Meridian can help your organization prepare for, respond to, and recover from whatever crisis your organization will face.



Meridian Strategic Services, Inc. and the Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) have entered into a strategic partnership to help our clients prepare for future cybersecurity incidents and other complex hazards.


This partnership combines the expertise of Meridian’s experienced emergency management and security professionals with NUARI’s DECIDE® distributed exercise platform to provide a unique and challenging experience designed to enhance the capabilities of organizations to respond to the challenges of a future disaster. 


The DECIDE® platform enables decision makers from geographically separated organizations to participate in a virtual environment to test their plans and procedures under a wide variety of simulated conditions.

“The DECIDE® Platform is engineered to power a limitless array of live exercise-based scenarios to help decision-makers in critical infrastructure sectors and government to exercise their abilities to effectively prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.”-NUARI

Meridian and NUARI can help design realistic crisis management scenarios intended to challenge an organization’s team to work together to rapidly implement integrated solutions to complex problems.

To learn more about the DECIDE® platform, please visit


Meridian is here to help your organization prepare for its next challenge.

How We Can Help with your Cybersecurity Needs​

  • Cybersecurity Incident Management Training

  • Cybersecurity Exercises

FEMA Program Management

Managing a disaster recovery effort can be complex and time consuming.  Meridian can help governments and eligible non-profit organizations through every step of the Public Assistance Program. 


Meridian can help foster a partnership between the Applicant, the State, FEMA and other community partners to enable an effective and timely recovery effort.


The Meridian Team is composed of former senior FEMA leaders, state public assistance officials and local emergency management directors.  This unique perspective gives us a true understanding of the needs of our clients and how to facilitate an effective recovery effort. 


Our professionals can help our clients to apply for the maximum allowable costs they are eligible for under the Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Programs. 

How We Can Help with the FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Program


  • Pre-Event Recovery Planning

  • Preliminary Damage Assessments

  • Recovery Program Management

  • Section 404 and 406 Hazard Mitigation Program Management

  • Integration of the Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Programs

  • Project Development

  • Grants Portal Training

  • Appeals Assistance

  • Project Closeout

Emergency Services Support

The Meridian team includes former professionals with decades of experience developed while working in the following emergency management and related organizations:

  • FEMA

  • State and county emergency management services

  • Law enforcement

  • Fire, EMS, emergency communications

  • US military personnel. 


This team of highly experienced professionals can provide your organization with the tools and training necessary to overcome any challenge you may encounter.  

The diverse experience of Meridian’s team can provide our clients with products that incorporate an effective strategic vision combined with practical on the ground techniques, tactics and procedures that work at the tactical level. 

Meridian Strategic Services can help your Emergency Management or Emergency Response organization develop and enhance the capabilities necessary to meet your operational demands.

How We Can Help Support Your Emergency Management and Emergency Response Efforts

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Development

  • Emergency Operations Center Development

  • Event Planning

  • Exercise Development

  • Grant Administration

  • Hazard Specific Response Plans

  • HSEEP Certified Exercise Development

  • Incident Command Training

  • National Special Security Events Plan Development

  • Technical Hazards Planning

  • Special Event Planning

  • Workforce Safety Training

Organizational Resiliency

According to FEMA, 40% of organizations fail to reopen after a disaster and another 25% fail within a year after a disaster.  The key for your organization to effectively recover from a natural or man made emergency or disaster is effective planning, training, leadership capacity building, team building and resiliency program management.  

Meridian’s professionals have decades of experience in leading teams during high intensity operations in austere environments and they can help your organization develop a culture of organizational resiliency that will enhance your team’s capability to operate and conduct effective planning and detailed execution of the mission.  By developing a culture of resiliency, your organization will not only be better prepared for a future crisis, your team will be more effective in their day to day activities.   

How We Can Help Support Your Organizational Resiliency Needs

  • Business Continuity Plan Development

  • Continuity Program Management

  • Exercises and Testing

  • Facility Safety Plan Development

  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessments

  • Leadership Development

  • Risk Assessments

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Situational Awareness Capability Enhancement

  • Workforce Safety Training

Public Health Support

The Meridian Team is composed of former emergency management and public health officials.


Meridian can help your organization enhance your readiness to meet the challenges of a Public Health Emergency.  Whether it is a potential pandemic or an act of bio-terrorism, Meridian can help organizations develop effective response plans and test these plans through realistic training and exercises. 


Meridian can help you work with local medical professionals and other support personnel to develop a volunteer workforce to augment your existing public health and medical capabilities.  

How We Can Help Support Your Public Health Emergency Response Efforts

  • HSEEP Certified Exercise Development

  • Grant Administration

  • Logistics Management

  • Public Health Emergency Response Plan Development

  • Volunteer Management

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